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Ancien blason de la presqu'île

Welcome to the  "House of  traditions" of Quiberon

Our museum is the work of a group of passionate   in   Quiberon history .  The objects presented have been offered by persons who want to keep the memory of  the peninsula  and of the  inhabitants who lived   on our piece of land beaten by the winds over the centuries.
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The house has three floors, with different collections.

Ground Floor

Special year exhibition (see the  special exhibition page)
  • Prehistory on the peninsula  
dieu gaulois musée

  • Gallic period

  • Flags of the old Brittany
  • The british invasion of the peninsula in 1746
  • The landing of the emigrated royalists 1795
soldat républicain musée
  the "Affaire de Quiberon"
lazare hochegeorges cadoudal
  • The captain DREYFUS comes back from the devil island in Port Haliguen in 1899 
  • Quiberon during the  1939 – 1945 war
  • Comparaisons  in pictures 1900–1996

comparaisons photographiques

carte postale ancienne : hotel penthièvre

1er étage

Witnesses of a traditional regional culture

  • Sceneries of family life in Quiberon around 1900

  • Returning from fishing and repairing the nets
pêcheur ramandant les filets
outils traditionnels

  • Traditional costums and
    old kinds of old tools.
  • Breton furniture

Second floor

Working at sea and wreckage stories

  • Old objects found under the ocean
canon ancien   - musée
  • The adventure of the "Artiglio de la Sorima""Italian compagny for wreckage recovery" 
  • naufrages-patrimoine-quiberon.jpg

  • Ocean activity in Quiberon in the beginning of the 20th Century

carte ancienne  bateau à vapeur, courrier de Belle Ile
  • Wreckage of the "CARL-BECH", norwegian 3 mast ship

  • Genealogy in Quiberon (family Le Buhé)

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Maison du Patrimoine - Musée de Quiberon
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