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Temporary exhibition the rescue at sea

This year, our museum presents an exhibition which tells the history of the SNSM station of Quiberon, from the first rescue station in 1870,till nowadays. A long and heavy work for the members of our associations who gathered many objects, photographs, documents about the rescuers and all their partners.


Information and souvenirs

An exhibition not only dedicated to the devotion but which wants to be pedagogic, teaching about dangers and first aid gestures.
For exemple do you know that you should never brutally warm up people in hyporthermiabecause it can kill them ?
Do you know that you shouldn't fight the ocean, the sea will always be stronger than you.

La Maison du Patrimoine is open every day from 2 to 4 pm. The exhibition will take place till september 15th


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Maison du Patrimoine - musée de Quiberon
3 rue de Port Haliguen
56170 Quiberon


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